Dubai's unique Social Dining Experience

I connect people through a shared love of food, hospitality, fun, and adventure.

Food, Fun, Friends

You love FOOD?

Food connects us to the past, to our memories, to our family & friends and at Dine To Gather to unknown people.

It enables us to experience and share life stories!

Food is something that we all have in common with one another, no matter where we are from.

Food connects, let's COOK!

Imagine, it's Friday afternoon. You cook your favourite dish together with your cooking partner and get excited to welcome like-minded people at your home.

You love to DINE?

I wanted to create something that encourages you to socialise in the real world, brings the excitement back to cooking and dining, and recreates that sense of ‘home’ for expats.

It's not about being a culinary maestro in the kitchen, neither having a big home. It's about making friends around the dinner table.

Feel home, DINE at yours and 2 others!

At a set time you'll indulge in 3 courses at 3 different homes, meeting 4 new people at each course. That's 12 in total!

You love to GATHER?

I grew up with the value of taking time to each other talking and listening around the dinner table.

I do believe in personal connections and I’m feeling sad seeing so many people constantly on their phones rather than socialising face to face.

Make friends, we all come to GATHER!

As the icing of the top, all come together at an after-dinner event in a nice welcoming bar to even have more fun, sharing the highlights of the evening, making new friends and plan the next gathering.

Dubai's 'Tastiest Way to Meet New People!'

They Love us

Anna & Matthias

Dine To Gather - An exciting & fun date-night with my fiancé and 12 lovely other people! Great organization and effort by all participants, truly a culinary journey crisscross private homes! A perfect change to the normal 'Dubai' life to meet new people! Try it! We will definitely DINE TO GATHER again ;)


I was a bit nervous about joining as a single participant but this was not necessary at all. I was grouped with a fun partner and met some really nice people during our evening. Everything - from the starter until the get together in the bar - was planned very well and super fun. I would and will do it again!

Emily & Leo

Dine to Gather was a great experience to break us out of our normal routine. We cooked new recipes, met new people and tried fantastic new food. It's way better than your standard bar scene for having a good conversation. Ending up in a lovely bar was the icing on top of a great evening. Thumbs up!

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