Dine To Gather

Event Ticket Fri 20 JULY 2018

Dhs. 165.00
  • Event Ticket Fri 20 JULY 2018
  • Event Ticket Fri 20 JULY 2018
  • Event Ticket Fri 20 JULY 2018
  • Event Ticket Fri 20 JULY 2018
  • Event Ticket Fri 20 JULY 2018
  • Event Ticket Fri 20 JULY 2018

Dine To Gather

Event Ticket Fri 20 JULY 2018

Dhs. 165.00
Dhs. 165.00

Welcome at Dine To Gather, Dubai's 'Tastiest Way To Meet New People'! 

Let's make cooking and dining an exciting event, connecting with people face to face on a personal level rather than online.

Imagine, it's Friday afternoon. You cook your favourite dish together with your cooking partner, get ready and excited to welcome like-minded people. At a set time you'll indulge in 3 courses at 3 private homes, meeting 4 new people at each course. That's 12 in total!

As the icing of the top, all come together at an after-dinner event in a nice welcoming bar to even have more fun, sharing the highlights of the evening, making new friends and plan the next gathering.

I’ve even put together a cool video that explains the entire process!


Everyone who loves cooking, dining and gathering in a private relaxed atmosphere that lets you relax and be yourself. 

  • typically btw. 25 to 45+ years old
  • female, male - singles, couples, friends, colleagues
  • foodies & veggies, newbies or long around, fun and adventure seekers 

Tell me about allergies or having a small home while creating your customer account! It's not a problem, join the adventure!


I'd like to recreate a sense of home for expats! It's at 3 private homes & 1 after-dinner location

  • right now I'm offering the Marina area max. 30 min drive (e. g. JBR, JLT, Springs, The Palm etc.)
  • You are the chef for only one course and for the other courses you can sit back and relax to enjoy the culinary highlights at the other hosts’ homes
  • max. 30 min travel route

If you can not find an event covering your area or you are really close to the assigned ones, please do not hesitate to contact me at info@dinetogather.com.


Preperation time is up to you. Event starts 6:30 PM

  • You are supposed to meet before the dinner route and cook together (for 6 Pers.) the assigned course
  • Starter (06:30 PM - 07:30 PM) / Main (08:00 PM - 09:30 PM) / Dessert (10:00 PM - 10:30 PM)
  • After-dinner event approx. 11:00 PM, open end

Have fun with your new friends, share the highlights of the evening and plan your next gathering.


      Get Your Ticket
      • Available till 15th July 2018
      • Grab your partner, friend, colleague or get assigned to a surprise cooking partner
      • Simply buy the ticket online and grab your place at the table
      Create Your Customer Account
      Get Your Personal Dinner Route
      • approx. 2 days before the event
      • Including the course you will prepare together with your cooking partner
      • Including names, addresses and mobile phone numbers of participants

      Sounds FUN? Sounds NEW? TRY IT!

      Let's create memorable dining moments and lasting connections!

      Please get in touch for any questions, I love to help you out.

      Yours Pamela

      Dine To Gather 

      Call or What's App: +971 58 5002982

      Check the highlights of our last events on Instagram & Facebook.









      Grab your partner, friend, colleague... or get assigned to a surprise cooking partner. Meet like-minded people face to face and connect on a personal level


      Experience Dubai's most exciting culinary adventure full of fun and surprise. Enjoy experiencing a 3-course menu with a twist along with 3 different private home atmospheres


      By the end of the Dine To Gather event you will have met 12 new people and meet all To Gather @ the After-Dinner Event (min. 18 people)