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Dine To Gather About

The Background

Hi my name is Pamela, I'm 36 years old and married to the love of my life Michael. Together we have two lovely girls Mina (4) and Ella (2). Having been in Dubai since 2011 it seems like ages! We are settled and Dubai feels like a place we can call 'home'. Of course we miss our family and friends in our home country and Dubai will never replace our German roots. Luckily Dubai makes it easy to meet new people, find friends and settle quite quickly. You maybe asking what's the benefit of 'Dine To Gather'?

The Idea - Why Dine To Gather?

I do remember exactly how it was! You arrive in Dubai and after the initial shock you start experiencing all the great things it has to offer. The unique tourist highlights, the vast variety of cuisines in restaurants, first class atmosphere in the bars but soon enough you're rolling along in your weekly routine. Same people. Same places. The new and exciting becomes all too familiar! What to do next?

The Start - The Change

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Our communication is all about hashtags, posts, likes or videos all done through mobile phones and fancy Apps. People seem all too caught up with being up to date, what's on trend and socialise via social media. Don't get me wrong, I do it too.

Honestly, I miss the old-fashioned kind of gathering. I love food, I love to dine and I love to meet new people. 

Let's come out of the routine and comfort zone, but how?

Young, modern and innovative Dubai - so 'Dine To Gather' was born! Let's combine the new way of socialising with old values.

Let's cook together. Let's be excited to welcome new people into our home. Let's Dine To Gather face to face in a private, relaxed atmosphere. It's regaining that feeling of excitement learning peoples' backgrounds, hearing their stories and making personal connections. And who knows, you might find new friends or even enter into a relationship.

Experience Dubai's most exciting culinary adventure full of fun and surprise. Enjoy a delicious homecooked 3-course menu in the comfort of a private home. You are the chef for only one course and for the other courses you can sit back and relax to enjoy the culinary highlights. 

Enjoy real conversations, delicious food and laughter's. Cook together, interact and socialise with many like-minded people, thus expanding your social (and professional) circle.

Try it!

Exciting. Fun. Culinary Highlights. Getting to know new people on a more personal level. 

Let's get it started! Grab your partner, friend or colleague... or be assigned to your surprise cooking partner and start on your personal culinary dinner route crisscross private homes!

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