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Dine To Gather, The 'Tastiest Way To Meet New People!' My Journey For You!

Who, Why & How To Take Part?

You are single, a couple with or without kids, friends, colleagues... / Between approx. 25 and 45+ years old / New in Dubai or a seasoned Dubai dweller / Ready to start a home-grown cooking and dining experience connecting around the dinner table 
You love food. You love to dine. You love to meet new people with different backgrounds, stories, connections and maybe at the end find friends or enter into a relationship / You enjoy to cook and Dine To Gather in a private, relaxed atmosphere that let you be yourself
Grab your partner, friend, colleague... or get assigned to a surprise cooking partner / Book your ticket online for your culinary journey / Fridays 6:30 PM / Within close proximity / Each Dine To Gather requires min 18 people

Find Your Partner & Dish, Go Shopping and Plan Together

You start as a team, either you signed up together OR you are assigned to a surprise cooking partner / Tell us about allergies or special food types, your hosts will get the information
You don't need to be trained as a chef / You will only prepare one course assigned by Dine To Gather / Get inspired by our recipe and decoration ideas / Have a small home? No worries, they are great for starters or desserts. Tell us!
You get your 'Personal Dinner Route' 2-3 days prior to the event incl. your assigned course to cook, the event schedule, any special dietary requirements as well as the contact details of the other hosts / Decide on the dish, plan the shopping and cooking time together

Cook 2 Gather 

You are supposed to meet before the dinner route (starts 06:30 PM) and cook together (for 6 Pers.) / It's all about preparation / When your guests arrive it's only finishing touches for you to have more time to dine and get to know each other
Your dish should be something in between easy as cooking eggs and serving five star lobster ;). Find something easy to prepare in advance / If it's your favourite course or even home country dish, as long as it's cooked with love your guests will appreciate it
Yalla Yalla! Start 'Your Personal Dinner Route' / Your max. travelling route is 30 min per course / Pre-check your routes and pre-order a taxi if necessary to be on time to make the event enjoyable for all participants

3 Courses @ 3 Private Homes & Meet All To Gather @ The After-Dinner Event

Per course your team (you and your cooking partner) will meet 2 other teams (4 people), resulting in 6 people per course / During the courses you won't meet the same person twice / By the end of the Dine To Gather event you will have met 12 new people 
Starter (06:30 PM - 07:30 PM) / Main (08:00 PM - 09:30 PM) / Dessert (10:00 PM - 10:30 PM) / After-Dinner Event (approx. 11:00 PM)
The After-Dinner Event is your chance to reconnect with all participants within a cheerful atmosphere and delicious drinks / Have fun with your new friends and plan your next gathering

What Are You Getting Out Of It?

Experience a break of your normal night out and join Dubai's unique home-grown cooking and dining experience designed to connect people through a shared love of food, hospitality, fun and adventure / Meet new people with different backgrounds, stories, connections and maybe at the end find friends or enter into a relationship
Let's shake up the social dining scene and make cooking and dining an exciting event / Cook 1 course, enjoy 3 @ 3 private homes / Forge new friendships by revitalising the simple pleasure of sitting together around the dinner table in a relaxed atmosphere / Try a new way of meeting people / Come out of your comfort zone and Have Fun!
Enjoy experiencing a 3 course menu with a twist along with 3 different private home atmospheres / Get your 'Personal Dinner Route' / Meet 4 new people during each course / By the end of the Dine To Gather event you will have met 12 new people and meet all To Gather @ the After-Dinner Event (min. 18 people) / Create memorable dining moments and lasting connections that let you relax and be yourself

Exciting. Fun. Culinary Highlights. Getting To Know New People On A Personal Level. Dine To Gather.

Grab Your Place At The Table!

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